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An elegant and dynamic magazine designed for an international audience who share a common passion for Saint-Tropez, its region, and its unique and exclusive character. With DO YOU, they discover a blend of trends, news, personalities, and destinations that resonate with them.


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DO YOU is an invitation to explore, laugh, taste, relax, be, travel, meet, or simply share great moments together. It's a divinely catchy tune, a perfectly intoxicating refrain. The magazine captures the spirit of Saint-Tropez, drawing inspiration from the sixties in a deliciously retro and bold issue. DO YOU maintains a perfect balance between reader interest and advertiser expectations through independent journalism and sophisticated commercial outreach.

DO YOU, the accomplice to a Tropezian summer...

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With its graphic style and innovative editorial content,the magazine embodies the true spirit of the Tropezian lifestyle. Joyful, cheeky, festive, avant-garde, warm, carefree, and free—this magazine mirrors an incomparable region and its unique readership. Committed to the quality of their editorial content, photographers, graphic designers, and writers create and produce fresh and original articles.

100% unique, committed, and original

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DO YOU offers excellent visibility for your products and servicesin a summer magazine that aligns with the tastes and consumption habits of your target audience. By representing the values of the Tropezian region, the magazine enhances the local identity while capturing an exclusive and international audience. To cater to this elite and knowledgeable clientele, every edition of DO YOU is published in both French and English.


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Distribution is free, targeted, and certified through a network of selected partners and readers with high purchasing power. Distribution also extends online via our social networks and website.

A large portion of distribution takes place at Moorea Plage beach.

Where Do you come from ?

DO YOU is the new publication from the former MORE magazine.
This magazine aims to be more ergonomic and increasingly eco-friendly, perfect for reading at the beach, slipping into your bag, or taking home. Its style is more refreshing, more modern, but retains the same ambitions and codes as MORE Magazine.

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Do you #1

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Summer 2023

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Cocarde Moorea plage Pampelonne

Do you know Moorea Plage ?

One of the most famous and largest private beaches in Pampelonne, Moorea has been a benchmark for years thanks to its high-end services and offerings. It is one of the few establishments that can boast of welcoming and satisfying a variety of customers by successfully integrating different relaxation environments: a high-quality restaurant, a lively bar-terrace, and a beachfront private beach. It feels like visiting friends in a warm and relaxed atmosphere with all the prestige of a top-tier venue.

Find the spirit of the beach on our website and on social media. Share your best memories of MOOREA with the hashtag #mooreaplage.

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